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Uh-Oh: Trouble at the Brooklyn Museum?

I’m not sure, but I just received an email announcing that Nancy Spector, who had joined the Brooklyn Museum* just last April as Deputy Director and Chief Curator, is moving back to the Guggenheim Museum–from whence she came. At the Guggenheim, she will be in a “new position” as Artistic Director and Chief Curator. Her […]

American Art Benefits: A Little Noticed $100 Million Gift

Everyone I know is reading more news these days–until they give up and decide to avoid news altogether. Either way, some good news in the art world is not getting enough attention. Last week, for example a $100 million gift to Colby College Museum of Art came and went with barely any notice. Therefore, I’m […]

In Philadelphia: Revolutionary Art

In today’s New York Times, I wrote about the conservation and erection of George Washington’s surviving field headquarters tent. a fragile thing, as you may well imagine. It was published in the print edition under the clever headline Washington Plotted Here. Online, the headline is Where George Washington Slept (Perhaps Not Well). That in itself […]

What Goes With Gouthiere?

Why Marivaux, n’est ce pas? A year ago, many of us had never heard of, or heard much about, Pierre Gouthiere, the master gilder many of whose works are now on display at the Frick Collection. But now we know him, at least a little. The exhibition, on view for another few weeks, presents clocks, vases, firedogs, wall […]

A New One on Me: What To Call Art

Branding is important, and language matters. Let’s start from that point. Last fall, I was privileged to speak to the Private Art Dealers Association, which used to be made up largely of Old Master dealers, about getting more people interested in the art they sell. And language came up. Apparently, some people today don’t want […]

What About The “Art Strike”? It’s Not So Simple

A group of artists, critics and gallerists have called for an art strike on Jan. 20. Inauguration Day. Names like Cindy Sherman, Barbara Kruger, Julie Mehretu, Richard Serra, Joan Jonas and Lucy Lippard have asked for a shutdown of museums, galleries, studios, etc. (see picture) They have every right to do so, and I have […]

The Museum That Gave Third Graders A Holiday Present

Ok, it happened last month–in mid-December–but you probably missed it too, and it’s too lovely a gesture, one with potential impact, to overlook. So…. The Cleveland Museum announced gifts of “Create It Kits” to all third graders in Cleveland public, charter and parochial school in Cuyahoga County. Technically, they weren’t holiday gifts–they were “one of […]

New Year, New Format? Some News!

For some two years now, I’ve been finding it hard to find time to blog here. But I still hear of items of interest to the art world that go little remarked, and I notice other things, announced, that should be remarked on. It is at times like those that I wish there was a […]

The Art Emerging In A New(ish) Museum

Come along with me to see a new museum filled with contemporary art that, for the most part, hasn’t been overexposed. My recent trip took me to Morocco, where I was pleased to find a museum of modern and contemporary art in Rabat, the capital. It’s just two years hold, named after King Mohammed VI, […]

The National Gallery: Blazing More New Trails

Last year about this time, I praised the National Gallery in London for creating and publicizing an “Angel Trail” of artworks in its galleries that include portrayals of angels–for the Christmas season. This year, I’m back to share the news that Christmas 2016 has prompted the creation of “The Star Trail.” The NG pitch:”Stargaze with […]

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