NOW Festival 2015 at REDCAT

Zac Pennington

NEW ORIGINAL WORKS (NOW) FESTIVAL REDCAT Theater, Los Angeles Program One July 30 - August 1   What are you doing for the next three weeks? This year’s edition of REDCAT’s 12th annual New Original Works Festival (NOW) looks to be a colorful debutante ball, with several stunning Cinderella arrivals in the mix. In three program … [Read more...]

Eifman Ballet’s ‘Psychiatric’ Problem

Oleg Gabyshev and Lyubov Andreyeva of the Eifman Ballet perform in the west coast premiere of "Up and Down" at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts Friday night.  

Billed as “the culmination of the artistic director’s cycle of ballets on psychiatric themes,” Eifman Ballet of St. Petersburg premiered “Up and Down” (2015) on the west coast on Friday. A cobbled story of love and madness set in the frenetic gaiety of the 1920s jazz-age, the off-key work earned tepid response from heretofore unshakeable fans at … [Read more...]

Could an L.A. Dance Hub Grow from a Mapping Tool?

Dance Map LA

The L.A. dance scene of late has felt a fresh momentum. And the decade-long accumulation  -- of new companies, new venues, new academies and institutions, prestige teachers and choreographers --  took a leap in cumulative power this past month, thanks to the debut of an elegant digital source called Dance Map L.A. Simple census taking can be a … [Read more...]

Los Angeles Ballet’s Notable “The Sleeping Beauty”

Kenta Shimizu and Allyssa Bross. Photo: Reed Hutchinson

It’s all shiny and assured good news for Los Angeles Ballet -- as well as the evolving character of Princess Aurora -- in the lean, deftly satisfying production of “The Sleeping Beauty” that L.A. Ballet founders Thordal Christensen and Colleen Neary have been debuting this winter in four different SoCal theaters. The third concert in L.A.B.’s … [Read more...]

The Will of Eva Perón, Painted in Tango

Nestor Gude and Lucia Alonso in Tango Buenos Aires' "Song of Eva Peron." Photo: Kevin Sullivan, Orange County Register

If it's coming your way, you won't do wrong to grab tickets to Tango Buenos Aires' current touring show, "Song of Eva Perón." Already immortalized in music and on film, Evita's physical portrait here -- mostly an energetic one, as considered here through the lens of Argentine tango --  adds subtle dimension to her mystique. Eva Perón’s … [Read more...]

Best Dance of 2014

Norwood Pennewell in "Prelude." Photo: Greg  Barrett

Norwood Pennewell, of the Garth Fagan Company, danced exquisitely in "Prelude," performed at the Nate Holden Center -- it's my no. 1 pick.  Now in his 50s, Pennewell's continuing power and delicacy raises the hairs on the back of my neck. It's thrilling to watch. How glorious to see Pina Bausch's "Kontahkof," captured in both radiant … [Read more...]

Perform or Die

Raushan Mitchell

Concert dance is ridiculously evaporative. It enters through your eyes, yet you can't study it. Repeated music phrases might linger, but live movement performance can barely be held or stored. It’s why people ask to see “Revelations” or “Serenade” again and again, year after year.   And what of the dancemakers -- are they struggling … [Read more...]