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A highly personal note to an international concert program

Plum Blossoms and Fleurs de Lis:
War and Peace in the Forbidden City and Versailles #

Four Nations Ensemble and Music From China
Sunday, April 21st at 6 PM
Salon Sanctuary Concerts in New York City
Thursday, April 25th at 8 PM
Market Square Concerts in Harrisburg Pennsylvania #

Pouring the wine  1977 on Fire Island.

Pouring the wine
1977 on Fire Island.

There are things to be learned from our program. Chinese composers love creating images through music and the war jangle of the pipa will find a more restrained cousin in Couperin’s harpsichord. Sounds of nature heard in several Chinese works are also heard in Rameau’s chirping of birds and from Marais human sighs. The ornamentation and coloring of a melody on the erhu (spike fiddle) are akin to the proliferation of ornaments in Baroque music, particularly Parisian music. #

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