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The Little Theater of the Queen

The patrons of Op. Lafayette walk to into the closed gardens of Versailles

Today is bright and very cold. The patrons of Opera Lafayette have been invited to take part in a guided tour of this theater and hear a lecture about Monsigny, Sedaine, the court and the Opera Comique. All has been carefully planned in advance however some slippery events have come about to trip up the best laid plan. The cold in France has frozen all the fountains in the gardens of Versailles and one or two promeneurs sportifs decided to glisser (slide) on the ice of the larger fountains. They fell, hurt themselves and, for the good of the public, all the gardens have been closed today. Catastrophe? The guards inform us that we can’t get near the Trianon or theater. #

Ryan Brown, Loretta O'Sullivan, Tony Boutte and David Newman perform at the Theater of the Queen


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