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Three Theaters

Ensemble in Rehearsal at the Atlas Photo: Louis Forget

The acoustics of the hall are dull, dead, and work against the sounds of our old instruments, strung with gut strings. You may know that Baroque instruments are considerably quieter than conventional instruments used for classical music. While they don’t have volume (amplitude), they have color. The looser strings allow for more complicated vibration patterns when put into play and a much richer overtone series. These fragile partials or overtones can only be heard with a live acoustic and are entirely lost when a hall is dry. Think of the music rooms of any Venetian villa or French chateau…not dry! In the private rooms of Mme de Maintenon or Pompadour, our instruments shimmer with beauty and fill the ear lush perfumed sound. #

The orchestra pit at the Rose Theater

The pit is uncovered and from it we can see the entire stage, the audience and this beautiful modern opera house. Though not perfect in size, we squeeze ourselves into the playing space. We are finally allowed to be fully aware of every corner of our show. There is some problem hearing across the orchestra and the bass sections try with difficulty to make out the filigree work of the violinists however, we hear the singers and watch the action on stage when we are not accompanying the arias. We see the audience and hear the full extent of their approval. The acoustic of the hall is ideal. #

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