Portrait of the Painter Who Loved Braque

“Willem de Kooning always maintained that Braque’s early analytical cubist paintings
were the last great bout of true painting.” — Gerard Bellaart (who also loves Braque)

‘Portrait of Willem de Kooning’ by Gerard Bellaart

Now have a look at what de Kooning was talking about.
Here are some of the analytical cubist paintings Braque did from 1908 to 1912.

Houses at Estaque [1908]
Castle at La Roche Guyon [1909]
Glass on a Table [1909]
Guitar and Fruit Dish [1909]
Harbor in Normandy [1909]
The Castle in La Roche Guyon [1909]
The City on the Hill [1909]
The Park at Carrières-Saint-Denis [1909]
The Pitcher [1909]
Violin and Palette [1909]
Woman with a Mandolin [1910]
Woman with a Mandolin [1910]
Violin and pitcher [1910]
Le Sacre Coeur [1910]
The Mandola [1910]
Violin and candlestick [1910]
Violin and jug [1910]
Clarinet and Bottle of Rum on a Mantelpiece [1911]
Man with a Guitar [1911]
Pedestal Table [1911]
Portrait of a Woman [1911]
Portuguese [1911]
Rooftops at Ceret [1911]
Still Life with a Pair of Banderillas [1911]
Still Life with a Violin [1911]
Still life with harp and violin [1911]
The Candlestick [1911]
Woman Reading [1911]
Bottle and Fishes [1912]
Fruitdish and Glass [1912]
Glasses and Bottle [1912]
Homage to J.S. Bach [1912]
Man with a violin [1912]
Pedestal Table: “Stal” [1912]
Still Life with a Bunch of Grapes [1912]
The Bottle of Rum [1912]
Violin and Clarinet on a Table [1912]
Violin Mozart Kubelick [1912]

Postscript: Jan. 11 — Here are two other Bellaart sketches of de Kooning.

Sketch #1 of Willem de Kooning by Gerard Bellaart

Sketch #1

Sketch #2

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