An Amazing Act of Filming

I’m late on this, but I can now say that the widespread praise for this revelatory documentary is deserved. It is not — yes, NOT — an exploitation flick, but if you’re innarested in kinky you MUST see it. “The Act of Killing” is kinky to the 10th power. Not sex kinky but life-and-death kinky with all sorts of pop kinky tossed in. It is an exposé of smiley-face killers and their culture of genocide. Yet the bizarre reality of the Indonesian death squads of the ’60s that it puts on record, let alone the evidence that they are hailed as heroes to this day by high officials of the Indonesian government, makes the exploitation flicks of the mondo film genre look like a bunch of Caspar Milquetoasts. Even my long-time companion stayed awake to watch, and her snooze-o-meter is an excellent measure of a film’s grab quotient.

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