‘Throws Up Words’

These two stenciled texts by Gerard Bellaart are from a series of more than 500 created in 2005.

‘throws up words’

‘throws up words 2’

Bellaart is a Dutch artist and writer, now living in France. He creates etchings, drawings, paintings and monotypes of figures, landscapes, and still lifes, as well as works strictly from the imagination. He notes that he employs a variety of techniques & materials, including oil paint, tempera, charcoal, ink. The selection of work on his website comprises a small fraction of his output between 1998 and 2011. He writes that “a more extensive selection & prices are available on request.” He may be reached at coldturkeypress@gerardbellaart.com. I’ll be posting more samples of his word-image artworks, most of which are not on his site.

Postscript: Feb. 1 — The artist messages that his “wordthrows” came about “from re-reading Mallarmé’s ‘a dice throw …’ in Ann Caw’s translation: ‘un Coup de dés n’oblira le hasard’ / ‘Dice Thrown Never Will Annul Chance.'” He also sent this scanned excerpt:

Ann Caw’s translation [from ‘Un Coup de dés n’abolira le hasard’].

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