BOA and Wachovia pull down names at Spoleto

The annual festival begins Friday and already we've got some scuttlebutt. Bank of America and Wachovia have removed their names from the billing of two of Spoleto series. BOA used to put its name for the festival's Chamber Music Series. Wachovia for years did the same for the festival's Jazz Series. They are no longer so willing to have their names on the marquee.

We're told the corporations continue to sponsor the programs. We're told this is not a naming rights issue in which the banks haven't given enough money to claim the marquee. So we're left to wonder why they don't want their names used. Could it be the federal money they have taken to remain solvent since the fall? Don't want to encourage the impression of taxpayer money being at cross purposes.

This and more coverage at Spoleto Buzz.
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If that's the case they could claim it as a one percent for the arts kind of thing, no?

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