Hinterland Diary: Times Co. (not) to cut 500 jobs

Correction: Thanks to ever-eagle-eyed Lee Rosenbaum, I'm issuing my first correction. She points out that the Newspaper Death Watch post I cited today was linked to a 2005 article in the Boston Globe. Therefore, the Times Co. announcement to cut 500 jobs is old news. And the Knight-Ridder Inc., which is now sold to McClatchy, is not cutting jobs because, um, there are no more jobs with Knight-Ridder. Just goes to show that bloggers should check out the sources of other bloggers. Thanks, L.R. -- J.S.

A new twist on the old "death by 1,000 cuts" cliche . . .

The New York Times Company to cut 500 jobs (Wrong).
• 35 in the Boston Globe newsroom
• 45 in the New York TImes newsroom

Knight-Ridder Inc. to cut jobs, too (Nope, incorrect).
• 100 in Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News newsrooms
• 25 percent of the newsroom will be cut at the Boston Herald

(Thanks to Newspaper Death Watch for the heads up)

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