The Ethics of Engagement

Last week I had the privilege of participating in a conference presentation at TCG’s (Theatre Communications Group) Audience (R)Evolution Convening addressing the Ethics of Engagement. I was one member of a panel of four including Martha Lavey, Artistic Director, Steppenwolf Theatre Company; Seema Sueko, Associate Artistic Director, Pasadena Playhouse; and Shay Wafer, Executive Director, 651 Arts. Facilitator Michael Rohd, Founding Artistic … [Read more...]

The Disciplined Pursuit of Less


I have been waiting for some time to write about this fascinating blog post by Greg McKeown from the Harvard Business Review: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less. It is in the tradition of Jim Collins' Good to Great. Indeed, Mr. McKeown's graphic looks a lot like Collins' Hedgehog Concept graphic. He suggests we identify our core passion, that at which we are best (talent)–not merely good but best, and that which is most needed in the world. What we … [Read more...]