Culture-crashing – Is The Internet Killing Our Creative Class?


Scott Timberg, an arts journalist and author of the CultureCrash blog on ArtsJournal, has a new book out called... Culture Crash. It's Scott's attempt to look at how the digital revolution has impacted artists. The tagline of the book - "The Killing of the Creative Class" - gives you an idea of what he thinks has happened. His premise is that artists are having a more and more difficult time … [Read more...]

British Orchestras – Bigger Audiences For Less Money


British orchestras report an increase in attendees - a 16 percent increase no less - over an earlier three-year period: A survey by the Association of British Orchestras (ABO) has found attendances at concerts and performances between 2012 and 2013 were up 16 per cent on those  three years earlier. More than 4.5 million people a year now see orchestras play live in the UK. But earned income is … [Read more...]

Are you a Channel or are you a Library?


TV used to be an appointment medium. It's Thursday night at 8 and you're in front of the set watching or else you missed your favorite show. Then VCR's, DVD's and DVR's progressively pecked away at the appointment schedule. Many of us now wait till a show has aired and then watch a saved copy at our leisure. On-demand TV and mobile subscriptions from channels like HBO and services like Hulu … [Read more...]

Do you want to be my cable company or my TV provider?


I pay my cable provider to supply me with TV. Since I don't want to watch on my cable provider's schedule I pay for Tivo. Since my cable provider doesn't have all the movies I want to watch, I buy DVDs. I also have a Netflix subscription. Since I travel a lot I use Hulu. My cable provider isn't cheap. My cable provider thinks the value it delivers is access to its pipe. But I don't care about … [Read more...]

Sharing, The New Default


Build something in the physical world and the minute it's used it starts to decay - scuffs, dents, chips. Drive a car off the new car lot and it immediately loses ten percent of its value. Use something a lot and eventually it wears out. Art is different. A work of art gets more powerful when more people use it. Music that gives voice to people grows in meaning. A play that doesn't get discussed … [Read more...]

How many True Fans do you have?

How do you make a living as an artist? In the old mass-culture model you needed a distribution and marketing engine that could fire up on your behalf to reach as many people as possible. Sell a million albums and if your take after the record company, agents and managers get their share is a buck or two, you're doing pretty well. In the new economy, how many fans do you need to make a living? If … [Read more...]