Culture-crashing – Is The Internet Killing Our Creative Class?


Scott Timberg, an arts journalist and author of the CultureCrash blog on ArtsJournal, has a new book out called... Culture Crash. It's Scott's attempt to look at how the digital revolution has impacted artists. The tagline of the book - "The Killing of the Creative Class" - gives you an idea of what he thinks has happened. His premise is that artists are having a more and more difficult time … [Read more...]

Live Versus The Machine (Let’s Not Take The Live Experience For Granted)


The promise of virtual reality has intrigued science fiction writers for years. But the technology for VR has been rather disappointing. Until now, writes Wired. A headset called the Oculus Rift has gamers excited. But also movie makers and artists interested in new forms of story-telling: What is known is that the ways that perspectives can change thanks to virtual reality are remarkable. … [Read more...]

The New Literate?


Literacy has traditionally been described as the ability to read for knowledge, write coherently and think critically about printed material. - Wikipedia Literacy at its most basic is the ability to read and write. Someone is judged "literate" by what they've read or written, and notions of literateness (as opposed to "literacy") have changed over time. Time was when definitions of literate … [Read more...]

The Lang Lang Experience, Live And In 3D

Is the future of live classical music recitals to turn them into a multimedia experience that is somehow more "familiar" to a generation raised on video screens. Here's a report from Lang Lang's concert in London over the weekend:He is not the first classical pianist to give a solo Albert Hall recital but few of his predecessors brought along in-your-face amplification and multiple screens … [Read more...]