Live Versus The Machine (Let’s Not Take The Live Experience For Granted)


The promise of virtual reality has intrigued science fiction writers for years. But the technology for VR has been rather disappointing. Until now, writes Wired. A headset called the Oculus Rift has gamers excited. But also movie makers and artists interested in new forms of story-telling: What is known is that the ways that perspectives can change thanks to virtual reality are remarkable. … [Read more...]

British Orchestras – Bigger Audiences For Less Money


British orchestras report an increase in attendees - a 16 percent increase no less - over an earlier three-year period: A survey by the Association of British Orchestras (ABO) has found attendances at concerts and performances between 2012 and 2013 were up 16 per cent on those  three years earlier. More than 4.5 million people a year now see orchestras play live in the UK. But earned income is … [Read more...]

Welcoming A New AJ Blogger: Art of the audience


I'm very pleased to welcome a new blogger to ArtsJournal today. Lynne Conner will be writing the blog We the Audience, a blog about the relationships between artists and audiences. Lynne is a professor in the theatre and dance department at Colby College in Maine, where she directs plays and teaches playwriting, performance history, and art for social justice courses. She's also a terrific … [Read more...]

Morbid Curiosity – Culture Is Dead (Move Along…)


What a week. First there was the Slate piece that declared classical music dead. Then spiked decided that pop music was over. Why is it that people keep wanting to kill off great swaths of our culture? These are only the latest in a long series of articles declaring the end of orchestras, of Netflix, TV, the demise of book stores, movie theatres, publishing, video games, the English language, … [Read more...]