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  • SAN FRANCISCO BALLET nominated for two Olivier theatre awards after London debut. San Francisco Chronicle 01/21/00
  • MORE THAN TUTUS AND TIGHTS: Faltering Boston Ballet puts together a roadmap for getting back on track. There's a large audience in Boston for dance, but for classical dance? Boston Globe 01/16/00
  • DANCE TO GET PEOPLE TALKING: Last weekend's "Boston Moves" festival of contemporary dance had the city talking this week. ``Is that a reflection of Boston dance? Because if it is, I'm going to apply.'' Boston Herald 01/14/00
  • GETTING AHOLD OF MODERN DANCE: "The story of western dance is in part a tale of squabbled-over dichotomies: virtuosity vs. expressiveness, dance that emphasizes mute narrative vs. dance that presents itself as movement and form." Today one can see (and appreciate) it all. Village Voice 01/12/00
  • WHAT IS LEFT UNSAID is often sweetest. That is the power of dance. Dance is undergoing a revival on Broadway and all-dance shows are thriving. New York Times 01/07/00 (one-time registration required for entry)
  • CUBAN DANCE TROUPE, the legacy of an American from Bryn Mawr, and Cuba's first professional dance company, celebrates ten years. "Danza Libre, a company of 25 dancers and musicians, creates modern work and preserves and retrains dancers in the country's disappearing Afro-Cuban traditions." New York Times 1/05/00 (one-time registration required for access)
  • CHANGES AT BOSTON BALLET: Anna Marie Holmes is leaving artistic director job at Boston Ballet. Denies report in Boston Herald she was fired. New York Times 01/03/00 (one-time registration required for access)
  • NEVERLAND: " 'Peter Pan,' presented by the Atlanta Ballet, making a British debut at the Festival Hall, is by Broadway out of Disney, and the delivery room was a long way from the Mariinsky. Eagerly bright, ferociously energetic, perfectly frightful in almost every way, is it 'ballay' for the tots." Financial Times 01/03/00
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