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  • A STUDIO GROWS IN BROOKLYN: Mark Morris turned down running the Scottish Ballet earlier this year. Now he's building a permanent home for his own company in Brooklyn. "About time" he says. Sydney Morning Herald 9/28/99 (reprint from London Telegraph)
  • A PITCH FOR OAKLAND: San Francisco Chronicle dance critic Octavio Roca says some of the most interesting, adventurous and entertaining dance in the country is being made at the Oakland Ballet. Get on a plane, he advises. San Francisco Chronicle 9/27/99
  • OFF POINTE: Canada's National Ballet is teetering with unprecedented debt. The company blames bad times for dance, critics claim bad management, but one critic says its myopia - the National's out-of-touch with itself and its audience. Globe and Mail 9/27/99
  • Atlanta Ballet orchestra musicians go out on strike - say they will picket company's opening of "Hunchback of Notre Dame" next week. Performance to use recorded music. Atlanta Journal-Constitution 9/24/99
  •     ALSO: Toronto Symphony strike looms CBC 9/24/99

  • Canada's National Ballet rolled up a $1.1 million deficit last season. Deficit now $3.8 million. CBC 9/22/99 
  • Hartford Ballet is dead - long live Hartford ballet - or at least, Dance Connecticut, which seems at first look to have a promising future.New York Times 9/22/99 
  • Soweto Dance Company: Gumboots does for the dance of turn-of-the-century South African miners what Riverdance did for the Irish jig or the Chippendales did for baby oil and bow ties, says the London Sunday Times, 9/19/99.


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