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  • DOING IT RIGHT THIS TIME: Hartford Ballet folded earlier this year, and many thought resident dance was through in Hartford. But Dance Connecticut has risen from the old company's ashes and early signs are promising. Hartford Courant 11/29/99
  • REMEMBERING ALVIN AILEY: Hard to believe it's been ten years - Ailey company looks back on the tenth anniversary of Judith Jamison's reign. New York Times 11/28/99 (one time registration required)
  • ATLANTA SUGARPLUMS: Musicians of the Atlanta Ballet orchestra have been on strike for months. The company has decided to hire replacement musicians so its "Nutcracker" can go on. Atlanta Journal-Constitution 11/24/99
  • CELEBRATING AFRICAN AMERICAN DANCE: Two Ohio museums explore the influence African movement has had on American dance. Morning Edition (NPR) 11/24/99 [Real Audio sound clip]
  • OFF POINTE: New York City Ballet cancels opening night performance after musicians go out on strike. New York Times 11/24/99 (one time registration required)
  • 100-FOOT NUTCRACKER: New IMAX version of holiday classic is big enough - but a chore to sit through. San Francisco Chronicle 11/24/99
  • GOULD IS GOLD: National Ballet of Canada's evening of dance inspired by pianist Glenn Gould was "one of the strangest evenings of ballet." Program was daring as it was provocative, and audience members lingered long after the performance finished, discussing what it all meant. Toronto Globe and Mail 11/22/99
  • RUSSIAN BALLET MAY HAVE RULED as the 20th Century began, but this was definitely the century of American dance. A century's end history of dance. Boston Globe 11/21/99
    ALSO: "A Celebration of 100 Years of American Dance on Film" One of "the most improbable dance events of 1999. New York Times 11/21/99 (one-time registration required to enter)
  • BRITISH BALLERINA BADDIES: It's been a bad year for British ballerinas - there were fights on a Royal Ballet flight, name-calling that led a dancer to quit a major tour, and then the infamous posing by English National ballerinas in their underwear for a magazine. It's as though "the ballerina, once the representative of what was most graceful about British femininity, was a fiction that no one could be bothered to keep up." London Telegraph 11/20/99
  • THE DANCING GLENN GOULD: Three of Canada's most interesting artists have teamed up to make a dance about a fourth. James Kadelka's "A Disembodied Voice" takes on pianist Glenn Gould - humming and all. Toronto Globe and Mail 11/18/99
  • "CLOUDS OF POTENTIAL GLORY": But it was not to be as Moscow City Ballet landed in New York for its first performance. New York Times 11/18/99 (one-time registration required)
  • UCLA DANCE: University gets $18 million - its largest-ever arts donation - to create new center for dance in historic building. Los Angeles Times 11/16/99
  • NOT JUST ANY BODY: Several hundred people satellite-linked in Toronto and The Hague, with more listening in electronically in various other parts of the world, took part in a weekend "global conference to advance health, well-being and excellence in dance and dancers." Toronto Star 11/15/99
    AND: CBC report on conference
  • HAPPY DISBELIEF: After 28 years in cramped quarters, the Royal Ballet moves into enormous new studios at the newly-refurbished Covent Garden.
    London Telegraph 11/11/99
  • OH NO - HE'S GOING TO ASK FOR MONEY: Cleveland San Jose Ballet is on the financial rocks despite a distinguished history. What more is a dance company to do? Cleveland Plain Dealer 11/10/99
  • RISKING IT ALL ON NEW YORK: The Australian Ballet took a huge risk when it went to New York in October. Initial box office was dismal. Thank God the reviews were good.
    Sydney Morning Herald 11/9/99
  • COMMERCIALIZING THE CLASSICS: Choreographer Matthew Bourne strives to be a popular success with radical rethinking of classic works. It's working. His newest work, Carmen, will use Bizet's famous score, but is a thriller about auto mechanics (Car Men). Toronto Globe and Mail 11/9/99
  • SUZANNE FARRELL shows off her new 33-member dance company in a survey of dance of the 20th Century.Newsday 11/7/99
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