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  • SACRED GROUND? Frederick Ashton created his ballet "Marguerite and Armand" for Margot Fonteyn and Rudolf Nureyev, and wherever danced it, "people saw the love story not only of the courtesan Marguerite and the hopeful young Armand, but also (they fancied) of Margot and Rudi themselves." The piece was so identified with the couple that when they gave their final performance of it in 1977 - when Fonteyn was 58 - it was unthinkable that anyone else could ever dance it. And now the Royal Ballet has announced a new production. London Telegraph 02/27/00

    • Nicolas Le Riche: Nureyev's protégé, France's best dancer and its best-kept secret, takes on "Armand" London Sunday Times 02/27/00 

  • DANCE FOR THE 21ST C: Judith Jamison"s Alvin Ailey dance company is one of the dance world's commercial as well as artistic successes. In a year of accolades (and Jamison's tenth anniversary at the head of the company) a moment of reflection. Chicago Tribune 02/27/00

  • MERCY KILLING: Another Dallas dance company finally throws in the towel, disbanding after 20 years. Dallas Morning News 02/27/00

  • REBEL CAUSE: Choreographer Bill T. Jones pulls out of planned performances at this summer's Spoleto Festival in South Carolina to protest flying of Confederate flag. Washington Post 02/23/00

  • ALL THAT BALLET: "Fosse" celebrates dance on Broadway. Is it any surprise that ballet dancers are wanting in on the action?  New York Times 02/20/00 (one-time registration required for entry)

  • CANADA'S NATIONAL BALLET settles contract with its musicians only hours before the orchestra was to go on strike. CBC 02/16/00

  • THE OLD NEW THING: Sure the dance critic's getting old, but "the really strange thing about contemporary avant-garde art is that most of it could have been created at any time since the twenties. Yet actually in the twenties, avant-garde artists were doing things that had really never been done before." Dance Magazine 02/00
  • DOUBTS AND DREAMS: Choreographer Bill T. Jones kept a journal as he was creating his latest dance piece - a product of doubts and failures as much as possibility. New York Times 02/13/00 (one-time registration required for access)   
  • COLOR ME DANCE: "The notion of otherness implicit in the term "black dance" insures that it has remained a loaded and highly controversial concept a good two decades or more after it was coined. Is black dance work created by artists who happen to be black? Is dance "black" because it draws from black Caribbean or West African cultural forms and traditions or black American social history?" New York Times 02/06/00 (one-time registration required for entry)
  • DISC-DANCING: CD-ROM and some inexpensive equipment is changing the way choreographers create their work. And how their work gets chosen for performance. Dance Magazine (first item) 02/00
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