Red Pill, Blue Pill – Is Engagement An Either/Or Thing?

What if our audiences are confined by our predetermined ideas about what they are? A professor who began to get hundreds of thousands of views online wonders why he confines himself to a classroom with only a few dozen students...Watch the video. … [Read more...]

If this is leading, what is following?

In his influential book, Art Worlds, published in 1982, Howard S. Becker writes: Though audiences are among the most fleeting participants in art worlds, devoting less time to any particular work or to works of a kind than more professionalized participants, they probably contribute most to the reconstitution of the work on a daily basis. Audiences select what will occur as an art work by giving or withholding their participation in an event or their attention to an object, and by attending … [Read more...]

Diane Ragsdale

Diane is currently working as at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, where she is lecturing, researching the impact of social and economic forces on US nonprofit regional theaters since the early 80's, and pursuing a PhD. For the six years prior to moving to Europe, Diane worked in the Performing Arts program at The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, where she had primary responsibility for theater, dance, and technology-related strategies and grants. Before joining the Foundation, Diane served as … [Read more...]