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September 22, 2009

Old versions: Second try

Introduction: An overview

[You can read a summary of the introduction, or each part individually.]

1. "Starting Again"

2. "Game Over"

3. "Bigger Problems"

4. "What Should We Do?"

5. "Specific Steps"

6. "Finishing the Introduction"

Part I: The problems classical music is having: loss of audience, loss of funding, blankness, empty formality, loss of meaning and creativity..

7. "How It Used To Be"

8. "The Crazy Past"

9. "Improvised Delights"

10. "The Change"

11. "Romantic Classicism"

12. "Classical vs. Popular"

13. "Just Before Modernism"

14, "Hardcore Argument"

15. Glorious Noise

16. Modernism, Analyzed and Tamed

Part II: Classical music and popular culture: why we have to embrace popular culture, and not pretend that classical music can be a refuge from it.

Part III: What can be done--how our problems might (crossing my fingers for good luck) be fixed. Though the classical music world will have to change a lot...

Posted by gsandow on September 22, 2009 1:34 PM


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