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Goshen Commotion: “Very Much Worth Saving” (WSJ) on this Fateful Day UPDATED


If all goes according to plan this afternoon, I’m goin’ to Goshen. When I mentioned this to a member of the art-market scribe tribe at last night’s Big One at Sotheby’s, the young journalist replied, “You’re going to Gagosian?” (Proving once again, it’s Larry‘s artworld. We just live in it.)

Speaking of yesterday’s record-breaking sale of Munch’s “The Scream,” officials at the Museum of Modern Art, usually very prompt with replies, have not yet responded to my two e-mails, last night and this morning, asking if they bought the Munch. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post (in which I suggested that signs pointed to them), if they hadn’t bought it, I think they’d probably say so. Hmmm…

: MoMA has just told me that it was NOT the purchaser of the Munch. And I was so hoping to see it on view there!

I may have very little time to post about this afternoon’s county legislature deliberations on whether to demolish the Paul Rudolph-designed Orange County Government Center. I’ll do what I can, but this continues to be an action-packed week for me. What I hope to do today, at least, is to tweet the results of the vote (if, as expected, there is one), so if you’re not following @culturegrrl on Twitter, you might consider doing so. (Similarly, if I get an e-mail from MoMA while I’m out today, I’ll try to tweet it, but won’t be able to post.)

In the meantime, you’ll want to take a look at Robbie Whelan‘s article in the “Greater New York” section of today’s Wall Street Journal, which states that the building is “very much worth saving” but then seems to damn it with faint praise—“a period-piece ode to the grinding banality of bureaucracy” and “conceptually beautiful, if not aesthetically so.”

Speaking of WSJ articles, have you yet read my own piece, published on yesterday’s “Leisure & Arts” page, on the Pollock/Orozco show at Dartmouth? I still hope to post more about that on CultureGrrl, but breaking news has taken precedence, for now.

And please don’t forget my Send CultureGrrl to Philadelphia Challenge (or, if you prefer, you can defray the cost of CultureGrrl’s Gas to Goshen). So far I’ve gotten one generous contribution and one ad in my righthand column (which I’m counting towards the $450 campaign goal).

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