Finding a New Public Art Commission

For a $100,000 public art project that I am managing in Tamarac, Florida, I asked the artists to tell me how they heard about the commission.  As the submittal was through (CaFE), the vast majority found the project through CaFE, but is gaining ground.

I also asked the minimum public art project budget required to interest an artist.  The large majority was $50,000 and up, with 12% requiring at least a $100,000 budget.

surveymonkey4 surveymonkey3

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  1. says

    As an artist who participated in this survey, I am glad to see the published results. I also find it interesting that my answers coincide with the majority percentile.

  2. Michelle Traver says

    Hi Glenn,

    I’m curious who is responsible for creating – do you know?