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Archives for January 2011

The Gershwin Moment (continued)

THE GERSHWIN MOMENT (CONTINUED) As readers of this blog are aware, I have for some time been proclaiming a "new Gershwin" - in, e.g., the New York Times and the Times Literary Supplement. In Classical Music in America (2005), he ranks with Ives as our most important concert composer (my view of Copland, in that book, irked some reviewers). My book-in-progress is a study of Gershwin and Rouben Mamoulian, the theatrical genius who directed Porgy and Bess. And my latest Gershwin rant takes the form of a review of Larry Starr's superb new George … [Read more...]

The Greatest Vocal Recording of All Time, etc.

It's nice to be noticed, so thank you to those who have complained about the paucity of recent filings in this space. Usually I write a blog when I'm excited or upset. I don't notice that I'm any less excited or upset than usual - just that the blog engine has been running down lately. So here is a list of things I should have been blogging about: 1.Some kind person has posted on youtube the greatest vocal recording of all time. This is Fyodor Chaliapin singing Anton Rubinstein's "Persian Love Song" in 1931 - when Chaliapin was already 58 years … [Read more...]

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