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Archives for April 2005


Mark Morris Dance Group / BAM Howard Gilman Opera House, NYC / April 19-23, 2005 This year, the Mark Morris Dance Group brought no brand-new, grand-slam work to its annual season at BAM. The sole novelty was a piece that had its premiere last fall, way west, in Berkeley, California. But it’s a honey. Rock of Ages, set to the adagio movement of Schubert’s Piano Trio in E flat, is a small, quiet dance that, like meditative deep breathing, expands the consciousness until it seems to reach the deepest feelings and an ever-widening understanding … [Read more...]

New York City Ballet’s Sofiane Sylve

Sofiane Sylve's sheer physical vitality feels like an engine that energizes the entire theater, filling it with joy. Village Voice 4/19/05 … [Read more...]

Peter Boal & Company; Paige Martin and Caitlin Cook

Retiring from the stage in June, Peter Boal, longtime New York City Ballet principal and a bastion of pure classical dancing, appeared with his chamber company for perhaps its final season. . . . Paige Martin and Caitlin Cook: A program curated by pomo dance celebrity Sarah Michelson should have been more striking. Village Voice 4/19/05 … [Read more...]


Trisha Brown Dance Company / Rose Theater, Lincoln Center, NYC / April 13-16, 2005 Celebrating her company’s 35th anniversary and adhering to her ongoing impulse to “make it new,” Trisha Brown devoted the second of the two programs she presented in Lincoln Center’s Great Performers series to recent work. The brand new piece that copped all the advance notice was how long does the subject linger on the edge of the volume . . . , an experiment with motion capture technology that had its premiere at Arizona State University where it was … [Read more...]


Martha Graham Dance Company / City Center, NYC / April 6-17, 2005 The trouble with Martha Graham is that, alive or dead, the lady can’t be relied on. She is, indisputably, one of the key choreographers in the history of Western dance. The Martha Graham Dance Company’s current City Center season, restricting itself almost entirely to carefully shaped productions of masterpieces like Primitive Mysteries, Appalachian Spring, and Errand Into the Maze, proves this point anew. However, more often than not, the work of the last third of Graham’s … [Read more...]

ARTSJOURNAL ARTS & LETTERS DAILY BALLET.CO BALLERINA GALLERY THE DANCE INSIDER DANCEVIEW TIMES FOOTNOTES GREAT DANCE WEBLOG THE WINGER The RÉUNION DES MUSÉES NATIONAUX (The National Museum Association's Photographic Agency) offers a photographic catalogue of some 200,00 holdings of French museums. It can be searched by artist, country, period, subject, and so on. You can make a personal album of your favorites on the site. New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art and D.C.'s National Gallery have similar services, but the French one is … [Read more...]

Wonder Women

This article originally appeared in Tutu Revue. Marie Taglioni as the Sylphide There's a subdivision of feminist thinking that condemns the beloved storybook ballets of the nineteenth century for their ostensible political incorrectness. All those sylphs and Wilis, it maintains, all those maidens suspended in states of enchantment represent women as frail, vulnerable creatures, deprived of power over their own destinies, the victims--often in the name of love--of dominant men. I think it's absurd to apply sociological convictions and agendas … [Read more...]

Beth Soll & Company; Aspen Santa Fe Ballet

Soll herself is unforgettable--as alert, quick, clear, and delicate as a lark. . . . Aspen Santa Fe Ballet appeals with easily accessible choreography, forcefully executed by dancers who are as bright and attractive as the imaginary people in ads selling you vacations. Village Voice 4/4/05 … [Read more...]

Taglioni’s Shoe: Memory & Memorabilia

I was standing before a glass case -- in a museum or library dedicated to theater memorabilia, I think. Or perhaps an exhibition space in an opera house. Where? New York? London? Paris? Can't recall. When? No idea. Perhaps decades ago. All I remember -- … [Read more...]


Jérôme Bel: The Show Must Go On / Dance Theater Workshop, NYC / March 24-26, 2005 The advance word on Jérôme Bel (French-born and -trained, well traveled globally), made him out to be a bad boy—a renegade, an iconoclast, a threat to Things as They Are. Sort of a latter-day incarnation of early postmodernists like Yvonne Rainer of the celebrated refusal that began “No to spectacle no to virtuosity, no to transformations and magic and make-believe.” Or of Merce Cunningham, whose tactics were truly radical, truly assaultive. Turns out, as … [Read more...]

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