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Armchair Travel

American Ballet Theatre / Metropolitan Opera House, Lincoln Center, NYC / through July 7, 2012 We are in India, a long and mythical time ago.  A Brahmin priest lusts after Nikiya,  the loveliest of the temple dancers, a situation acceptable neither to his gods nor to the young woman.  She loves the warrior Solor, who returns her feelings.  Solor, however, has been promised to the rajah’s daughter, Gamzatti, who, in desperation (or an access of evil), finishes off her rival with a poisonous viper embedded in a basket of flowers.  Nikiya has a … [Read more...]


Martha Graham Dance Company / Joyce Theater, NYC, and City Center, NYC / March 13 – 18, 2012 Martha Graham, performing Lamentation (courtesy YouTube) Everything that lives must die, as a colleague explained gently to her very young daughter, when the child was wrestling for the first time with the idea of death.  The idea is also applicable to even the most glorious dance institutions, such as the Martha Graham Dance Company, on view for a week at the Joyce Theater. I saw the first of the two ordinary repertory programs offered.  It … [Read more...]

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