McCartney, Spector, Wings and Now


"The Long and Winding Road" Here's my nit to pick with McCartney: He notoriously hated Phil Spector's overblown production on this ballad, and the spare "Let It Be … Naked" version was released as a corrective, yet when he plays the song live, he has Wix synthesize the Spector orchestrations. At least there's no choir. --Mark Caro in Paul McCartney plays Beatles, Wings at Miller Park in Milwaukee - Related articles What Paul McCartney Taught Me This Week About Writing Rumor: Nirvana reunion at McCartney … [Read more...]



  [via:] A relative of my wife's worked on this documentary, which proved both thoughtfully nostalgic and psychologically harrowing. File under: Murry Wilson Narcissistic Father Syndrome. Showtime: Family Band: The Cowsills Story. MORE FAMILY DIRT: Sly Stone's Financial Downfall Detailed in Court Ruling. TV Review: "Family Band: The Cowsills Story" … [Read more...]

Retronaut – Girls in the Window

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Girls in the Window, by Ormond Gigli (Retronaut) Related articles Awesome Photos Of Buddy Holly And Waylon Jennings In A Photo Booth Retronaut for Prompts & Inspiration We Dare You to Not Laugh at These Vintage Visions of the Future Stunning Behind-the-Scenes Photos Show Iconic Movies in a New Light See Salvador Dali's Illustrations for the 1969 Edition of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland … [Read more...]

Banksy Coke Bottle

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Banksy – Letter on Advertising | Rap Genius   Related articles A Solution to Intrusive Advertising The Coke Ad That Could Destroy All Other Products, Especially Coke 'Lost' Banksy mural may fetch £1 million at London auction Banksy's Re-use of the Accidental Napalm Image Banksy New Banksy on Park Row? … [Read more...]


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By far the most influential musicology of my young adulthood, steering me towards specialization. via Open Culture: Leonard Bernstein’s Norton Lectures (1973). See Elitism for Dummies (on Young People's Concerts, 2005) via NYRB: Why So Popular? by Tim Parks Touching yourself” was strictly forbidden in the Parks family. My father was an evangelical clergyman, my mother his zealous helper. The hand mustn’t stray below the belt, because such pleasures were always accompanied by evil, lascivious thoughts. Yet as Dusty Springfield memorably … [Read more...]


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Jeremy Denk wrote a piece in the current New Yorker about two of his piano teachers, one of whom we shared. A friend wrote to ask about my reaction, so I replied: "Joseph Schwartz was really quite a terrific teacher, and invested in the idea of teaching on an individual level. We were all friendly in his studio and played for one another informally all the time. He had no cult of personality, and although his musicianship had virility and danger, he was a quiet man who acted as though all the great ideas were there for the taking. He exerted … [Read more...]


Refused at first, then bought three months later. Interview with cartoonist Robert Leighton at Inkspill | Inkspill - New Yorker Cartoonists News. And this: Mick Jagger to MC Escher, Escher demurs.     Related articles These hyper-realistic drawings mess with your mind Godel Escher Bach QR Code shadow cube "Isaac Newton meets M. C. Escher" in The Bridge, available now Wood inlay MC Escher reptiles motion art (part 1/2) … [Read more...]


...The cowardice of The New York Times, El Pais, Der Spiegel and Le Monde, all of which used masses of the material Manning passed on to WikiLeaks and then callously turned their backs on him, is one of journalism’s greatest shames. These publications made little effort to cover Manning’s pretrial hearings, a failure that shows how bankrupt and anemic the commercial press has become. Rescuing what honor of our trade remains has been left to a handful of independent, often marginalized reporters and a small number of other individuals and … [Read more...]


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...The things in Anderson’s films that recall Cornell’s boxes—the strict, steady, foursquare construction of individual shots, by which the cinematic frame becomes a Cornellian gesture, a box drawn around the world of the film, as in Moonrise Kingdom’s dressing room scene, with the little bird-girls framed by strips of lightbulbs; the teeming, gridded, curio cabinet sets at the heart of The Life Aquatic, The Darjeeling Limited, and Fantastic Mr. Fox—are often cited as evidence of his work’s “artificiality,” at times with the implication, … [Read more...]



...Where are the writers of that stature today in the Tea Party South? I was made aware of the odd mix of gain and loss when I went back to Atlanta to see my beloved grandmother. She told me not to hold change between my lips while groping for a pocket to put it in—“That might have been in a nigger’s mouth.” Once, when she took me to Mass, she walked out of the church when a black priest came out to celebrate. I wondered why, since she would sit and eat with a black woman who helped her with housework. “It is the dignity—I would not let him … [Read more...]



  How has your life changed following the success of Downton? I’ve been to parliament in England. We went to the opening ceremony of the Olympics. Paul McCartney was off-key completely, but I’m a massive Beatles fan, so who cares? I was there. I’ve been to South America to promote this show. I’ve swam with Great White sharks. It’s all because of this show and how people have bought into it. I just want to say thank you to everyone who watched and tuned in and loved my evil gayness. via Downton’s Rob James-Collier Assures Vulture ... … [Read more...]


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Released date: February 5 Related articles Multi-Grammy© Winning Americana Duo Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell and Richard Thompson Electric Trio at DPAC, Durham Performing Arts Center, March 30, 2013 First Listen: Richard Thompson, 'Electric' Richard Thompson 1.16.13 Though of the Day … [Read more...]