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Nick Searcy as Raylan Givens' boss Chief Deputy Art Mullen gave the climactic speech in last season's finale (hint: Erica Tazel delivers the scene-stealer under her breath: "I had panties just like that"): The "Alphabet Street" soundtrack proved too tempting: Related … [Read more...]

Harry Nilsson Answers Lennon-McCartney Conundrum


LEAD OF THE MONTH:  If Lennon-McCartney was the question, the answer was: this guy. What happens, in other words, if you combine in one person, in one talent, in a single opus, the whimsical facility of Paul and the howlingness and perversity of John? On June 5, 1941, Mother Nature—in antic … [Read more...]

Is Spotify bad for music?


  Is Spotify bad for music? | Comment is free | The Observer Something unsettling about agreeing with Yorke in principle even though I respect his music more than admire or listen to it, and have a reflexive aversion to millionaires who complain about getting bad deals from the … [Read more...]

McCartney, Spector, Wings and Now


"The Long and Winding Road" Here's my nit to pick with McCartney: He notoriously hated Phil Spector's overblown production on this ballad, and the spare "Let It Be … Naked" version was released as a corrective, yet when he plays the song live, he has Wix synthesize the Spector orchestrations. At … [Read more...]



  [via:] A relative of my wife's worked on this documentary, which proved both thoughtfully nostalgic and psychologically harrowing. File under: Murry Wilson Narcissistic Father Syndrome. Showtime: Family Band: The Cowsills Story. MORE FAMILY DIRT: Sly Stone's … [Read more...]

Retronaut – Girls in the Window

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Girls in the Window, by Ormond Gigli (Retronaut) Related articles Awesome Photos Of Buddy Holly And Waylon Jennings In A Photo Booth Retronaut for Prompts & Inspiration We Dare You to Not Laugh at These Vintage Visions of the Future Stunning Behind-the-Scenes Photos Show Iconic … [Read more...]

Banksy Coke Bottle

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Banksy – Letter on Advertising | Rap Genius   Related articles A Solution to Intrusive Advertising The Coke Ad That Could Destroy All Other Products, Especially Coke 'Lost' Banksy mural may fetch £1 million at London auction Banksy's Re-use of the Accidental Napalm … [Read more...]


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Jeremy Denk wrote a piece in the current New Yorker about two of his piano teachers, one of whom we shared. A friend wrote to ask about my reaction, so I replied: "Joseph Schwartz was really quite a terrific teacher, and invested in the idea of teaching on an individual level. We were all … [Read more...]


Refused at first, then bought three months later. Interview with cartoonist Robert Leighton at Inkspill | Inkspill - New Yorker Cartoonists News. And this: Mick Jagger to MC Escher, Escher demurs.     Related articles These hyper-realistic drawings mess with your … [Read more...]


...The cowardice of The New York Times, El Pais, Der Spiegel and Le Monde, all of which used masses of the material Manning passed on to WikiLeaks and then callously turned their backs on him, is one of journalism’s greatest shames. These publications made little effort to cover Manning’s pretrial … [Read more...]