Baby Blue: Breaking Bad leftovers

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People flipped when they played "Crystal Blue Persuasion," when they had this nugget in their back pockets the whole time. Wish I had thought of it myself. 10 More Unused Breaking Bad Tracks: Chemistry Class, Elvis Costello Maxwell's Silver Hammer, Beatles Castilian Blue, Terence Trent … [Read more...]

Classic Album Covers

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The Stories Behind 22 Classic Album Covers | Mental Floss                   Related articles A selection of funny classical music links! 48 Things You Didn't Know Had Names Proof: FAST 7 Stills Are Just Christian Rock … [Read more...]

10 Visual Vine Tributes to Your Favorite Albums

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from 10 Visual Vine Tributes to Your Favorite Albums. PLUS: Rock Reads: A Summer Guide For The Rock & Roll Literate | The Aquarian Weekly. 7 Music Discovery Tools to Find New Tunes. Related articles Music Star Comebacks: Falls Most Surprising New Releases Viewing Vintage through … [Read more...]

Breaking Bad, Nurse Jackie, and 60s Dystopia


...Jay Leno's 1984 standup opener put it best: "I know it's wrong, but when Nancy Reagan says 'Just Say No,' it makes me want to shoot up in the gutter and die." Both Breaking Bad and Nurse Jackie riff on the war on drugs as a kind of mass psychosis we all participate in, incentivizing purer and … [Read more...]

DETERIORATA XIII:2 dBs, Buzzcocks, Deerhunter

The songs our parents gave us | Music | The Guardian The Warm Thrill of Confusion - Articles: The Return of the Replacements | Features | Pitchfork Bob Dylan: Another Self Portrait Vs. The Basement Box | Popdose And two new laudable-recent sets from parallel worlds: the … [Read more...]


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Nick Searcy as Raylan Givens' boss Chief Deputy Art Mullen gave the climactic speech in last season's finale (hint: Erica Tazel delivers the scene-stealer under her breath: "I had panties just like that"): The "Alphabet Street" soundtrack proved too tempting: Related … [Read more...]

Harry Nilsson Answers Lennon-McCartney Conundrum


LEAD OF THE MONTH:  If Lennon-McCartney was the question, the answer was: this guy. What happens, in other words, if you combine in one person, in one talent, in a single opus, the whimsical facility of Paul and the howlingness and perversity of John? On June 5, 1941, Mother Nature—in antic … [Read more...]

Is Spotify bad for music?


  Is Spotify bad for music? | Comment is free | The Observer Something unsettling about agreeing with Yorke in principle even though I respect his music more than admire or listen to it, and have a reflexive aversion to millionaires who complain about getting bad deals from the … [Read more...]

McCartney, Spector, Wings and Now


"The Long and Winding Road" Here's my nit to pick with McCartney: He notoriously hated Phil Spector's overblown production on this ballad, and the spare "Let It Be … Naked" version was released as a corrective, yet when he plays the song live, he has Wix synthesize the Spector orchestrations. At … [Read more...]



  [via:] A relative of my wife's worked on this documentary, which proved both thoughtfully nostalgic and psychologically harrowing. File under: Murry Wilson Narcissistic Father Syndrome. Showtime: Family Band: The Cowsills Story. MORE FAMILY DIRT: Sly Stone's … [Read more...]

Retronaut – Girls in the Window

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Girls in the Window, by Ormond Gigli (Retronaut) Related articles Awesome Photos Of Buddy Holly And Waylon Jennings In A Photo Booth Retronaut for Prompts & Inspiration We Dare You to Not Laugh at These Vintage Visions of the Future Stunning Behind-the-Scenes Photos Show Iconic … [Read more...]

Banksy Coke Bottle

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Banksy – Letter on Advertising | Rap Genius   Related articles A Solution to Intrusive Advertising The Coke Ad That Could Destroy All Other Products, Especially Coke 'Lost' Banksy mural may fetch £1 million at London auction Banksy's Re-use of the Accidental Napalm … [Read more...]