CD: Ron Carter

It is the custom of trumpeter John McNeil to disseminate notices about his band's engagements at Puppet's, a Brooklyn, New York, night club. Late today, he issued a special edition: Tonight's gig at Puppets is cancelled. Don't know why... … [Read more...]

Monk And Mingus In Seattle

Once in a great while, I encounter a photograph so good that it is necessary to dream up a reason to use it. In the case of the one beow, no dreaming was necessary. The lighting, sharpness and definition are so right, the shot looks like 3-D. The tenor saxophonist is Hadley Caliman. The conductor is Michael Brockman of the Seattle Jazz Repertory Orchestra. The SRJO is preparing for two concerts called Big Band Monk and Mingus, in early March. Photo by Bruce C Moore From the SRJO news … [Read more...]