Dave Brubeck, 88 Keys, 88 Years, Another Honor

On Tuesday, Dave Brubeck was inducted into the California Hall of Fame along with elevenBrubeck.jpg others including actors Jane Fonda and Jack Nicholson, fitness maven Jack LaLanne, musician and producer Quincy Jones, chef Alice Waters and — posthumously — Theodore Geiss (Dr. Seuss), scientist Linus Pauling, architect Julia Morgan, and Dorothea Lange, the photographer best known for documenting the human toll of the Great Depression.

Brubeck turned eighty-eight on December 6. Paul Conley of Capital Public Radio in Sacramento, California, spoke with him yesterday about the honor and about his plans. To hear the conversation and see Conley’s video of Brubeck, click here.

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  1. says

    Congratulations, Dave, to both, your 88th birthday and the great honor. The video and the interview are moving and fascinating.
    I saw Dave Brubeck live in concert, here in Cologne, four years ago.
    When he entered the stage, I couldn’t believe what I heard as he sat down at the piano. He swung as ever, and it was a great joy to learn that he is at ease and still in full possession of his powers. Certainly a wise old man, but not at all nostalgic or sentimental.
    Thanks for posting this, and a big thank you to you, Dave Brubeck for all the wonderful music you gave to the world.

  2. lorriane jones says

    I confess.. when I was in high school and all the other girls were in love with football players, I had a giant crush on dave brubeck… I still think he is a giant among men, so here’s to you, dave!!