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“Anonymous” Women, Once Again

It’s that time of year — actually, it’s a little past that time of year — when the Anonymous Was A Woman Foundation makes public the ten female artists who will receive $25,000 no strings attached, just to support them. This is the 19th set of winners  — and I was there at the creation, sort of. So I sometimes like to publicize the winners (which were announced on July 2).

2950828_origThe awards go to women over 40 “who have significantly contributed to their field, while continuing to grow and pursue their work.” This year they are:

These women paint, make sculpture and ceramics, work in theater and performance art.  Five are from New York; the rest are from elsewhere in the U.S.

It’s too bad we still have to make special awards for women artists, but I don’t think the playing field is level yet.

Photo Credit: production still from House/Divided by Marianne Weems, via the Anonymous Was a Woman Foundation 


  1. Kathleen Whitney says:

    I remember vividly the first time this was awarded; mainly to artists outside of NYC and mainly to artists no one ever heard of.
    I too regret the necessity of special grants for women but they are more important now than ever.
    What makes me uncomfortable about this year’s selections is that they are all established, all much recognized.
    All obvious choices.
    I think considerably more work needs to be done on the part of the selectors in order to find artists who are equally hard working but less recognized.
    This is especially important at a time when it is harder for women to establish themselves in the marketplace than it has been in decades.
    It’s too easy for critics (I am one myself and often guilty of the same) to stay on the far easier path of the more visible artists.
    The recommenders need to work harder to find the excellent, more obscure and under-recognized artists we know to be out there.

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