Through the Eyes of the Unencumbered

If there's anything I remember about being a grad student, it's what a ruthless and unobstructed view one has of the world. You are not yet complicit in its ubiquitous ills, you are not yet bought off by its bribes, you have made no moral compromises, and your judgments are made with a relentlessly clear eye. In the intervening decades I have learned to make admissions of self-interest and allowances for human frailty and differences of taste, but I do not at all feel more right today than I was then. A certain amount of willful blindness has … [Read more...]

Tell Me the Meaning of Minimalist?

Andy Lee links me to a lively interview with the resurrected Dennis Johnson. (Wow, I'm blogging this from an Amtrak train to Buffalo, where I'm lecturing on the Concord Sonata for the musicology grad stoonts this afternoon.) … [Read more...]

November Is Bustin’ Out All Over


Via pianist Andy Lee and David McIntire's Irritable Hedgehog record label, Dennis Johnson's November is taking its place in the repertoire. Andy is giving the five-hour, 1959 piano work its European premiere at Cafe Oto in London on March 9 (and I'm thrilled to see that he's playing music by the greatly underrated Paul Epstein there the previous evening). Then he'll give the New York premiere at Issue Project Room on March 16, starting at 2. And Andy's absolutely lovely four-disc recording, which I've been enjoying mp3s of, is now available, … [Read more...]