Agony Pays Off

Here’s a preliminary version of my new piece, Solitaire (14:05). It’s the piece I wrote about recently that I agonized over the tuning for for a week, 29 pitches to the octave. It’s both a solitary piece and a private game. The recording needs a little finessing. More about it later.

[UPDATE:] I think I’ve solved the problem of the inaudible bass line, and the whole thing sounds better on my laptop speakers than it did at first.


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    Which is worse: playing your music back on speakers too small and cheap for you to know exactly what it sounds like, or on speakers so big and expensive it will never sound as good to anybody else?
    It’s great that you’re using the web to premiere new pieces to the public as soon as they’re (almost) finished. The music itself seems to flow along very naturally, considering (or rather because of) all the sweat and toil that went into the tuning.
    KG replies: Thanks – after I finish the tuning, I just compose by ear and have fun. As for your question, it’s a puzzle. In this case I made two versions, one for the internet and one for me at home (and performance).