A recording I made of Philip Glass’s Metamorphosis One became the basis for a YouTube video. I never met the YouTuber who posted it, though he emailed me and asked permission. I could only tell him the rights belong to the record label, not me.

It’s a spare video. (There’s a single image of a lake.) This music is featured in the cult-fav TV show Battlestar Galactica. And a lot of BSG fans find the video. The music’s also used in NPR’s This American Life and that yields “hits” for the vid.

Last year, “Very-Famous-Celebrity” comedian Michael Ian Black made the album that has this recording of Metamorphosis One on it, his album of the year — though this “album-of-the-year” was released a decade earlier.

All this intertextuality brings waves of views to the YouTube clip.

Last week, the video was referenced in and linked to a fanfic called “Little Numbers.” LN is about the characters Kurt and Blaine on the cult-hit TV show Glee. A hypertext, this fanfic is in the form of a series of text messages:

And you could listen to the music I’m listening to.

Mhhh. And what would that be?

Since I’m on my phone, I only have a youtube link for you, sorry.


You can also pretend that I’m playing it.

Fans of Kurt and Blaine refer to them as Klaine. And all kinds of words can be derived therefrom: klainer, klaining…

It’s clear from new comments, this video’s been Klaimed. So many fandoms, so many cults — now 300,000 views.

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  1. Eliza says

    I’m reading the comments on the YouTube video. What a remarkable early-21st-century crossover-under, intertextual cultural re-appropriattion!