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Blood-Rich ‘Beauty’

sleepingbeauty_photo 7

Considered the consummate classical ballet, "The Sleeping Beauty" features devilishly hard technical challenges, with nowhere to hide. Traditional stagings -- like Pacific Northwest Ballet's long, rich, drafty one -- have pretty vapid storylines. Instead, the audience identifies with the dancers' technical struggles. That's the meaningful, heroic story. In “Matthew Bourne’s Sleeping Beauty” (2012),  which opened in Los Angeles at the Ahmanson Theatre on Thursday night, the visionary Bourne – the world’s only living director/choreographer who … [Read more...]

Wheeldon’s Wonderful ‘Alice’

Christopher Wheeldon's "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland."

When British choreographer Christopher Wheeldon left his dance company Morphoses in 2010, I was so worried he might retreat from choreography, exhausted from the battle of keeping a transatlantic dance company funded and strong. How glorious, then, to see the National Ballet of Canada (NBC) bring Wheeldon's robust new creation, a three-act version of "Alice in Wonderland" (2011) created jointly for NBC and London's Royal Ballet, to the Dorothy Chandler Pavillion last week as part of the Music Center dance series. It was an eye-popping design … [Read more...]

Radiolab with Pilobolus tours “In the Dark”

Radiolab hosts Jad Abumrad & Robert Krulwich

[This ran in the L.A. Times.] Before touring live versions of Radiolab, his gripping radio shows of scientific discovery and biography concocted with co-host Jad Abumrad, Peabody-winning reporter Robert Krulwich made just one brief stage appearance, decades ago, when he was recruited off the Manhattan streets to play a frozen, chair-bound Prince in an 11 1/2 -hour Robert Wilson opera. (He quickly fell to the floor and slept through the production.) Abumrad, a 2011 MacArthur Grant-winning producer-composer, describes a more active fetal crouch … [Read more...]

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