Colorado Springs!

UnknownIt’s easy — and lazy — to think that all of the cultural stuff worth mentioning in Colorado takes place in Denver and nearby Boulder.

Certainly, I’ve been running around these cities over the past couple of overly busy and therefore sadly blogless weeks experiencing arts happenings as diverse as Eve Ensler’s Body of Work, Wonderbound’s A Gothic Folktale, The Catamounts’ Failure a Love Story, the Beyond Blue exhibition of 25 years of Denver public art, The Narrators’ monthly storytelling session and so on and so on and so on.

Biggest surprise of all, though: Colorado Springs. There’s more to that city’s cultural offerings than fundamentalist christian rock concerts and military parades.

The symphony orchestra and Theatreworks theatre company are among two organizations that produce quality work. And last week, when I visited Colorado Springs for an evening, I was very much taken with the Ivywild School.

Ivywild School is an old elementary school in an otherwise suburban part of town that was recently turned into a cultural hotspot. The imposing brick building now hosts art classes and workshops, live music events and many purveyors of artisanal foods and drinks. Where once there were classrooms and a gym, there’s now a brewery, an upscale greengrocer and more cheese, baked goods and cured meat sellers than you can throw blackboard chalk at.

At midnight on a Wednesday, the place was still hopping. I can’t think of a similar place in Denver, or in San Francisco for that mat

I won’t be surprised if Denver- and Boulder-ites start choosing to spend their evenings in Colorado Springs rather than staying closer to home.

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  1. says

    Ha! Denverites won’t go to Boulder and Boulderites won’t travel to Denver. Not likely that either of them is going to travel to Colorado Springs. Their loss. All of our communities have much to offer, but so little is ever experienced by locals because they have little need to venture out of their own culture rich communities. Culture thrives in Colorado from Aspen to Steamboat, from Durango and Telluride to Paonia and Grand Junction. I live in the tiny mountain community of Pagosa Springs. We have one of the best contemporary art venues in the states, but nobody knows about it. It’s our little secret. But if you happen to get here, you can view international art exhibits at SHY RABBIT Contemporary Arts. If you want to find it, you will.

  2. Hannah says

    Great post! People from out of town are often surprised to visit here and find that a city cannot be accurately defined by how a slight majority of its residents tend to vote in elections.
    But … Ivywild School isn’t “in an otherwise suburban part of town.” It’s barely south of downtown in a historical urban neighborhood.