Going Going Gone

Today I was approached by a local theatre company asking if I’d help with its upcoming fundraiser. The company is planning on auctioning off an evening at the theatre…with me. The idea is that I will go to see a play with three of the highest bidders and then the four of us will head out for post-show drinks to discuss what just transpired on stage.

I must admit that I’m very flattered to have been asked to do this and it sounds like a fun way to spend an evening. But I’m a little flummoxed by the proposal. For who in their right mind would part with their hard-earned cash for the chance to spend an evening at the theatre with the critic of an alternative weekly in San Francisco? It’s hard enough on occasion to get friends to join me to see shows for free. Still, I’m game, though I doubt I’ll start a bidding war.

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  1. Peter Lefevre says

    Hi Chloe,
    You’d be surprised. I think a lot of actors/directors/playwrights would welcome the chance to peek in the mind of a critic. Personal connections as well. Can’t hurt to exchange e-mail addresses with someone in the press.

  2. lies like truth says

    hmm. maybe so. i’m curious to see what happens, peter. thanks for your thoughts.

  3. says

    I’m a theater critic with the alt-weekly in Spokane, and the same exact thing happened to me.
    Woman didn’t bid all that much more than ticket price for a chance to see the play and have dinner with illustrious little me; thought better of it, couldn’t work out schedules, it became obvious that her husband didn’t much want to see a play in the first place, much less some pointy-headed critic, etc.
    But then we tend to keep to ourselves in Spokane. We don’t want to make any trouble.
    Perhaps your mileage will vary?

  4. lies like truth says

    Hi Michael
    that’s very interesting. I’m sorry to hear that the auction outcome was a bit of a damp squib. I’ll keep you posted as to what happens at my end. The company’s producer assures me that the proposal is generating “much excitement” among company members, but I don’t quite believe the hype. still, whatever happens, I’m happy to have been asked. and if this outlandish idea does manage to make a wee bit of cash for the organization in question, then that’ll be doubly gratifying.