Tell It to Gertrude

Leave it to Jed Birmingham to make the connection between Mad Men and William S. Burroughs, via Minutes to Go, cut-ups, and Wilhelm Reich, with a bit of feminist name-dropping shoehorned in. The connection is complex and full of complications, a specialty of Birmingham’s literary sleuthing.
And here’s Eddie Woods offering some corrective history about the identity of Panama Rose, author of The Hashish Cookbook. Ira Cohen, it was not; he merely took the credit. To which a friend replies, “Given the clues — the influence of Brion Gysin, the name that recalls Pantopon Rose, the publication in Gnaoua — it seems obvious that the real and true author was that notorious hash head William Burroughs. I mean, there was a man with the dignity to publish a cookbook the right way, i.e. pseudonymously. Can you imagine being so low as to go around stealing credit for other folks’ recipes? Fer cryin’ out loud…”

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