Blast from the Past

I came across this KPFA-FM radio recording by accident. It totally suprised me. I had no memory of it until I tuned in.

The archive at notes:

In a program that was recorded on Feb. 13, 1970, [in Berkeley, Cal.], Jan Herman reads from the 5th issue of his magazine “San Francisco Earthquake.” The title of this particular issue was “VDRSVP.” The reading includes works by Sinclair Beiles, Carl Solomon, Carl Weissner, Annie Rooney, and Jan Herman, chosen at random, and read here as if they were all part of the same piece. Jan Herman was at the time a publisher of avant-garde literature, who in addition to his magazine, also brought to print various pamphlets by Dick Higgins, Liam O’Gallagher, and William S. Burroughs under the Nova Broadcast imprint. This particular reading serves as a classic example of the sort of cut-up literary style that was championed by such writers as William S. Burroughs, and which was quite popular in the late 1960s and 1970s.

Hooray for me. Here’s another link, so it must be true: A reading by Jan Herman (April 6, 1970). That’s the date it was first broadcast. The intro is by Charles Amirkhanian, the composer. He was KPFA-FM’s music director at the time.

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  1. says

    Jan, I know just how you feel – it seems”Ode to Gravity” inspires forgetfulness as I too (until a year ago) had forgotten about my contribution to the same series of readings!
    Ode to Gravity: Integral Instant (Four Situations) by Hammond Guthrie
    An evening of experimental literature, poetry, and music by the San Francisco based writer and inter-media artist, Hammond Guthrie, in collaboration with his colleagues, Peter Cosgrove, Max Crosley, and others. Heard are a number of poems, written and performed in the style of the Beat Generation, a spattering of electronic music, and an experimental auditory collage of free association. This program is dedicated to Tristan Tzara and William S. Burroughs.