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A reader from Oregon writes, “Help us, we who check your blog regularly!! Please add something — ANYTHING!!!! I forget about it being there and then get my special dose of heavy metal speed before I can mute the chaos! — Your loving fans in the thousands …”
OK, you asked for it. Here’s anything:
A reader from Yurp writes, “Ach!! The Blinding Titties! I’m wearing a string of garlic around my neck now which I clutch feverishly whenever they appear … and I’m stuffing chunks of garlic in my ears whenever I get hit by the Torture Hit Parade (Actually, I luuuuv it … Our kraut secretary of the interior, by the way, has “The History of Torture” on his coffee table…) … Nader: Isn’t he, in effect, saying that those of his Florida voters who would have switched to Gore in the case of his abstinence would have given Al a fat lead? However, math is not my forte …  P.S. The Ladykiller rides again…He is now wreaking havoc in Paris … Sauve qui peut …”
And another from the Southwest boondocks: “Have you seen this? The mind boggles at possibilities in the hands of neo-quizzers. ‘twould make water boarding obsolete, not ta mench human cattle prod ta line ’em up … Forget da arbeit macht frei signs.”
Then yesterday there was David Brooks to the grammar born: “I’m far from the biggest Hillary-lover on the planet, but her resilience and courage is moving.” Which brought this reply: “Brooks listens far too much to his hero, the President With His Head Up His Ass. They is fucking stupid.”
And finally, shades of James Gilray:

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