"I just read the incredible "And I very much appreciate Doug Ireland's postscript comments in Newsnight staged a Read the transcript. (Broadbanders: Don't miss the video.) Postscript: "J., I was pushing and praising Fisk years ago when no one on this side of the pond knew who he was. I devoted an entire column to him in the Voice back in the late '80s, and regularly cited and promoted him. Finally, the Iraq war gave him the broader recognition Stateside he so richly deserves. [See my work)." -- D. PPS: The top story on the front page of The … [Read more...]


"Fisk scolds U.S. journalists" is the way "Telling it like it isn't," an op-ed tongue-lashing in yesterday's Los Angeles Times (which was fairly mild for Fisk). Now have a look at some excerpts from his book, [W]ho are those people? In the taboo-ridden world of Western journalism, every effort continues to be made not only to dehumanise them but to de-culture them, de-nation them, to dis-identify them. A long article by David Margolick in Vanity Fair explains Israel's policy of "targeted killing" -- the murder of Palestinians chosen by the … [Read more...]


There's much to be said about John Gray's essay, "Imperial Grunts" and Michael Mandelbaum's This left us dumbfounded because, as School Professor of European Thought at the London School of Economics and the author of "Liberalism (Concepts in Social Thought)," "Straw Dogs: Thoughts on Humans and Other Animals," "Heresies.") William Osborne, who summed up his response to Gray in a nutshell: "He does not seem to understand how the new world order works." Osborne, a temperamentally shy, but not intellectually bashful, ex-patriate American … [Read more...]


We don't know why we were targeted. cowboy-artist homilies turned up, unbidden, in our e-mail inbox. Maybe it's just a Hallmark time of year. Love the rocks (y' gotta … [Read more...]


Collage © 1967 by Norman O. Mustill (from "Flypaper")

We've been banging on about the American strategy to democratize Salvadorize Iraq, as though the coming SUNNI GENOCIDE is a revelation because a "U.S. regime secretly bent on mass murder" has proxies doing the dirty work. But all of this has been hidden in plain sight for so long -- in the mainstream media and elsewhere -- that we're shocked by our own naiveté. Way back in 1967, an artist friend of ours, Norman O. Mustill, commented on the reality of mass murder in Southeast Asia (pre-Pol Pot) with a collage, left, that leaves no … [Read more...]


Byron Calame, the public editor of The New York Times, says his interest was piqued. His column on Sunday was headlined We didn't send him our Dec. 3 item ArtsJournal, or via a link on CREDIT WHERE DUE, AND BONES TO PICK. Calame said nothing, however, about what piqued our interest most: 100 Notable Books of the Year for 2005 was not Calame's concern because, as he wrote, "Of course, much of the judgment about the books falls into the realm of opinion -- and beyond the public editor's mandate." We're not crazy about the "of course." But fair … [Read more...]


Here's the 'ganda machine at work, Bullshitter-in-Chief. Although it is cropped, below, as used by The New York Times on its Web site (and downplayed in a secondary position), the full shot appeared huge above the fold on the front page of The Times print edition. ROUGH RIDERS AND TOUGH TALKERS before, when Tucker Carlson paid tribute to The Weekly Standard's neoconnery and the bottomless war-mongering of its editor, William Kristol.) The Times story itself, headlined VICTORY-IN-IRAQ DAY: "So what's next, … [Read more...]


toastie postie about the "Mein Kampf" Postscript: Adolf certainly stopped at nothing. His war 'ganda. Slogans were a specialité de maison: The receptivity of the great masses is very limited, their intelligence is small, but their power of forgetting is enormous. In consequence of these facts, all effective propaganda must be limited to a very few points and must harp on these in slogans until the last member of the public understands what you want him to understand by your slogan. These days the technique, war prez on the poop deck, … [Read more...]


We have led a country to civil war in order to permanently weaken it. We have largely destroyed its cultural patrimony to erase its identity and autonomy. We have set up a potential genocide against our opponents. And now we step aside and claim we can't control what will happen. Pinter was so dead-on when he said in his Right on cue the U.S. propaganda machine gears up for stage two. They have planted the gangrene in Iraq (Pinter again) and now are stepping aside with the claim that they can't control what happens. See this morning's news … [Read more...]


Revelations of Iraqi torture centers continue. As John Burns reports, the Wolf Brigade of Shiite commandos have hung Sunnis from roof hooks, extracted their fingernails, applied electric shocks to their genitals and burned their bodies with lighted cigarettes. This has outraged American military officers and the U.S. ambassador to Iraq, Zalmay Khalilzad. How does that outrage square with the idea, posted here last week, of a from the Washington Post on Monday: "Shiite political leaders say the U.S. military frequently visits the facilities and … [Read more...]


We keep asking: "Isn't it time to drop religious faith from human belief?" We also keep answering: "The answer is self evident." (Check out GRAY'S ANATOMY.) So it tickled us to see Yes, it was a promo for his latest book, "The Modern Mind," a great big tome subtitled "The Intellectual History of the 20th Century." Tried is the operative word. We couldn't get through it because it read so much like a textbook: Blah ... blah ... blah ... although it's useful as a reference tool. He must've been daydreaming when he wrote it. We hope this time he … [Read more...]


The report in today's Washington Post, Sunni genocide. Oddly, the WashPost buried this graf very low in the story: Investigators said they found 625 prisoners at the center but declined to give details about them. Most of the detainees found at the secret prison last month were Sunni Arabs who had been picked up by forces of the Shiite Muslim-dominated Interior Ministry. The New York Times at least had that info where it belonged -- "Bush: Iraqi democracy making progress; estimates 30,000 Iraqis killed." That's progress? When there are 300,000 … [Read more...]


We have to hand it to them. Just in time to miss the cut-off date for choosing the front-page review of Robert Fisk's "The Controversy of Zion" and other books, the review is lengthy and circumspect and, we might add (not that we take credit), has appeared soon after our And so to the meat of the matter -- Fisk's "Big Book (and how) and his testament," as Wheatcroft terms it -- which is where we started objecting. For instance, he points out that Fisk "lets it all hang out, diffuse and inchoate, made worse by a penchant for Fine Writing." … [Read more...]