Little Nemo in Slumberland -- So Many Splendid Sundays] Graphic novels are all the rage. Even Little Nemo’s back in business. Well, Norman Ogue Mustill once wrote a satirical comic strip with his Exacto blade, and it wasn’t made for Slumberland or Sundays.

He called it “A Shockumentary,” and we published it as the second half of his pamphlet, Twinpak, the sixth in a series of Nova Broadcast pamphlets. The time was 1969. The place was San Francisco. The other pamphlets were by Ray Bremser, Wolf Vostell, Dick Higgins, Liam O’Gallagher, and William S. Burroughs. Anyway, Ogue was not really Mustill’s middle name. He took it as a joke — Vogue without the “V” — which tells you something about his turn of mind.

Looking at “A Shockumentary” again today, we liked it so much we thought we’d post it. On another day we’ll post “Song,” the first half of Mustill’s pamphlet. It’s a musical score with nothing remotely lyrical in it.

Explosive, page 1 copy.JPGExplosive, page 2 copy.JPGExplosive, page 3 copy.JPGExplosive-mustillShockumentary-5

Used by permission. “A Shockumentary” © 1969 by Norman O. Mustill

— Tireless Staff of Thousands

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