I never thought I’d be glad to hear from a Goldwater Republican, much less agree with him. But
Straight Up reader M. Paulding has changed my mind. He writes in response to Battle of the Prewar Memos:

The second DSM [Downing Street Memo] is more damning than the
first, despite Sanger’s observation. I’m a conservative, not a neoconservative. There is a BIG
difference. And as a Goldwater Republican, I DEMAND an investigation of HOW and WHY the
idiots in the White House decided it was necessary to SQUANDER $208 billion of our money
and the finest army on earth.

Take my word for it, there are MORE DSMs coming, and what they [will] reveal is a bunch
of political whores on both sides of the Atlantic. They “packaged” this war and sold it to a
trusting American public like a box of soap. Even Congressman “Freedom Fries”
has now got the message. Remember him? He was pissed off because
the French wouldn’t jump aboard Bush’s juggernaut three years ago. Now, he wants a timetable to get
out of Iraq.

Paulding also writes in reference to Frank, Rich, and Dandy, He Keeps on

Matt Lauer, et al, are poodles. They engage in fluff journalism and don’t even
count. Frankly, I’d be surprised to learn that Matt Lauer even knows what Watergate was all
about. I’m not a so-called lefty, but a conservative, and NOT a neoconservative. Colson, Liddy,
that whole god-damned crowd tried to subvert the United States Constitution. They disgust me.
The neoconservatives, who are really Straussians, are now attempting to do the same damned
thing. There must be an investigation to get to the bottom of this, and it must be done as soon as

I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for either investigation (and I presume neither would
Paulding). But it’s grand to hear that righties are fed up, too. Some of them at least.

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