Summer is soon upon us, and it won’t be long before it’s off to overnight camp for many lucky
youngsters. They’ll be writing home, of course. Low
recently posted a letter from a camper who got a
jump on the season’s frolics. Here’s an excerpt:

Dear Mom and Dad,

Greetings from Camp X
… I am having a lot of fun here and am meeting a
lot of really, really nice people from all over the world. We do
sports for one hour every day and we get to sing along to all kinds of music. Our counselors are really crazy!… (Once a counselor accidentally splashed pee-pee on my bunkmate’s
Holy Koran and we had an ice cream party.) Next week we’re going to a petting zoo with real live
animals! It’s gonna be great! We might also go swimming, but I am afraid I might drown.
Ha ha ha.

Love, Your Son

I keep touting (read: lifting) Matt Haber’s posts at
Low Culture because, well, they’re good enough to steal. He is someone who takes blogging
seriously. To see how seriously, go here.

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