Ah, summer in New York!

From Eva, in response to my call out in the previous post:
Not much from me. Isn’t this the time when we get to kick back, Apollinaire? [Ed: Oh, alright.]
I’ll be checking out some theater (and the occasional dance event) at the Fringe Festival and sometimes heading up to Lincoln Center Out of Doors, braving either the scorching sun or threat of downpours to enjoy some music and dance.
Last evening at the Bandshell, the Paul Taylor Dance Company held forth quite well in “Book of Beasts,” “Lines of Loss,” and “Esplanade.” Something about their retro styling seemed perfect for a steamy summer night.
What was not perfect was the couple–with baby in tow–who decided to execute a diaper change right there in their seats, to the great discomfort of everyone in their immediate area.
Had I accepted the seat originally reserved for me, I would have been seated directly behind them. Luckily, I had opted for a seat across the aisle, and nothing wafted leftward.
Ah! Summer in New York!
Apollinaire responds: Thanks, Eva. LOL!

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