…presence from me, at least, in the next week or so. Perhaps Eva or Paul will have something.
In the meantime, did you see Paul’s invention of a new drink to beat the heat? Out here in the East, the weather argues for it.
From Paul Parish:
A propos of nothing (and I promise I will write something appropriate SOON), in my other life, I have invented a new drink, and my friends have urged me to copywrite it.
I figure, I’ll post it on the net, by Foot in Mouth, and that’ll establish my claim. What do you say? We all have day jobs–as the club dancers call it, “the afterlife.” And in the afterlife, I’m a bartender. And I’ve just invented the Quasi-mojo.
It’s just a mojito plus coke; or in other words, a rum and coke plus mint (with a lime in it). It’s tricky to balance, but if you get it right it’s REALLY good on a hot day, even better on a hot night. Should be great in August, and a real comfort on those nights when you’re trying to get your puny cat to eat and he won’t take anything…. [Ed: Alfredo Fetuccine Scherr is actually the size of a fox, but, yes, shrinking, the poor ancient noodle.]
OK, so put some mint in a glass, mash it good with the handle of a knife (use a glass pestle if you have one). Don’t break the glass. Add a healthy dram of dark rum. (I prefer Myers’ or Appleton’s to Tommy Bermuda, but you COULD use that; it’s just got to taste like brown sugar.) Ice. Coke to the top, then squeeze enough lime into it till it be enough. You won’t need to add sugar — there’s that in the Coca-Cola. Garnish with more mint, if you want. Insert two very thin straws, and see what they think. Doctor if needed.

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