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01020126727500.jpg I never thought body painting could be more than what you'd find at the petting zoo (face painting for kids) or in the pages of Sports Illustrated. But I was wrong. The German city of Mainz has been showcasing what's possible for five years with a festival devoted entirely to the art of body painting. According to the German magazine Der Spiegel:
Bodypainters came to the German city of Mainz for the Fifth International Bodypainting Festival at the weekend to adorn models from head to toe with brightly colored and in many cases highly original artwork. It's a tough job for the models, some of whom have to sit or stand still for up to 14 hours. The artists competed in a number of categories including special effects, facepainting.
Check out a slideshow of this year's creations here. I say it's about time we bring this to Charleston. We have everything we need for a body painting festival. Well, not the artists. But we can import them. As for the models, we've got plenty. If you don't believe me, check out the Windjammer's annual Bikini Bash.
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For those of you who missed the International Body Painting Competition, you can still come to the Canadian event that is drawing top artists from all over the world. Body Gras organizers Jeff King and Dawn Tyndall have won the bid to host the Canadian Body Painting Championships in Nanaimo, BC this year. Models become the art exhibit September 4th - 7th at Beban Park for some of the most accomplished artists in the world. Body painting is an art form that draws people from countries all over the world to compete, or see artists use semi clad bodies as their canvas in celebration of creativity and life. "It has been 7 years to get us to this point where we are putting on a world class event that is drawing artists from Europe, the States and Canada," said King. In addition to the competition and a costume party, workshops will be taught by top artists in the world, such as one of Europe's leading Make-up Artists Shaul Maloem from the Make-up Institute in Stockholm Sweden. Workshops range from beginner to advanced. For tickets and details visit www.bodypaintcanada.com.

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