Another reason to stop buying CDs. It ain't green.

Tossing old CDs, DVDs, jewel cases may be bad for environment Downloading is better for the environment: CDs, DVDs and jewel cases are "difficult-to-recycle materials [that] can pollute groundwater and, in turn, contribute to a whole host of human health problems. But the low cost of producing such top-selling consumer items means that replacing them with something greener is not likely anytime soon. . . . According to the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, digital sales now account for some 30 percent of all U.S. music sales and 15 percent globally. And most consumer analysts expect these percentages to grow steadily in the coming years, which is good news for the environment." *Arizona Republic*, 8/1/2008 [Cross-posted at *Charleston City Paper*](
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Who tosses em?
I still have well over 1000 vinyl albums, and several thousand CD's. I would guess the number of CD's I have thrown away, since CD's were invented, is under 10.

I guess if you live your entire life buying cheap chinese disposable consumer items, throwing them away, and buying more, than CD's could maybe be a small part of your waste flow- but really, the average person tosses far more fast food wrappers, plastic soda bottles, $5 t shirts and $40 DVD players that break after 1 year.

As a general philisophical point, I agree that we should buy fewer, better things, and keep em for longer. Hence my listening to the original "Exile from Guyville" the other day.

But as a music consumer, I dont trust digital as my only storage medium. All hard drives puke sooner or later. I guess I could be leapfrogging my backups, buying multiple hard drives and storing my music collection on duplicate drives- but thats a lot of management. Its easier, and safer, just to buy the CD, rip it immediately, and then store it for the next time I need to rip it when my I-pod dies, or my Mac goes Sad Face on me.
Digital media and formats are actually becoming obsolete faster than analog ones- you can still buy a working 8 track tape player, but early DOS computers- forget it.

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