Hinterland Diary: The rise of individual voices

In 2020, opportunity knocks for the new intellectuals? . . .

... whatever erosion takes place [in the newspaper industry] -- be it the physical paper, classified ads, editors or equity of old news brands -- I believe the importance of the individual reporter, or voice, will inversely rise. And it all comes down to trust and accessibility ...

... I believe if we are in a long-term period of eroding trust in what's big and institutional, then we're bound to enter a period of intense consciousness and value over what's small. What's small is accessible, tangible and compatible with "us people."

When it comes to consuming what's newsworthy, the individual reporter and people brands will become more important ...

I believe the investments and scale that big news brands achieve will remain important in 2020. However, they will need to reconcile with the eventual, dominant attribute we now call small.

Regardless, this period will bring tremendous opportunity for entrepreneurial, independent, innovative thinkers to shape what does become the news business. The big's monopoly on the ability to shape the future of the news business -- or push the status quo -- is declining rapidly.

From "The Future of News Is Small" by Max Kalehoff, VP of marketing for Nielson BuzzMetrics, a company that works with consumer-generated media. He wrote this for Media Post's "Online Spin."

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I can't see freelance individuals becoming dominant in the news business unless somebody independent becomes the Babe Ruth of scoops. And even the Babe needed Gehrig batting behind him and several other hall of famers on the roster so he could showcase himself in the World Series regularly. I think the news organization, in whatever form it takes, will still be the definitive source of news. Sure there will be important individuals, but where's the evidence that they won't continue to write nice tickets for themselves with organizations whose approach and ability to pay for talent dovetails with the individual's own needs?

Hello from Oregon! I cover arts, among other things, for the News-Register in McMinnville, a small city southwest of Portland. I've been checking the Arts Journal daily for much of the year, but it wasn't until just last week that I stumbled into the Flyover blog. Some really interesting discussions here! Valuable and necessary discussions. The range of topics thus far is somewhat overwhelming. I have no time to comment on anything in particular at the moment, but I will definitely return and jump in at some point. Just wanted to say I appreciate the effort. Carry on!

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