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We've had a slow fortnight here in Flyoverberg. From highs of 800-plus readers a day two weeks ago, we're now down to less than 300 a day lately. A lot of that traffic came from random hits to my "Generational differences" post, because, to the best of my knowledge, I had several references to the world going to hell. Perhaps there's a lesson here. As Doug McLennan once told me, there are websites trapped into a kind of thinking dominated by the "tyranny of the click." Quality, not tyranny, is our goal here.

Anyway, just when I thought I was getting boring comes this supportive note from Doug Ramsey, author of the novel "Poodie James" and keeper of Artjournal's "Rifftides," a blog about "jazz and other matters." He kindly recommends Flyover to readers with a passion for journalism and jazz. In particular, he noted my recent posts on the Savannah Jazz Festival ("Being told to shut up") and my reflections on the limits of objectivity as a genre of writing. Thank you, Doug. Much appreciated. And I'll try to work on those proophreeding skills for you. Thanks, again. -- J.S.

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