Getting the truth: Whose responsibility is it?

From Lori Ortiz, a dance critic and new reader of Flyover. She comments here on yesterday's post ("Hyperlocalism et al.: a note of caution") about the dubious nature of "citizen journalism" and "reader reviews."

Her last sentence really struck a chord with me.

Company blogs promoting their product over others, and screen names for specially interested groups and individuals, are putting holes in public trust.

Have you ever checked out "reviews" of hotels? It's too easy for someone, or more than one, to plant a bug in the consumer's bonnet about the competition.

A new program, just out, tracks Wikipedia sources. That should help a bit. The best defense is to seek many sources, and credentials.

The responsibility falls on the consumer to look for the truth. [emphasis added]

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For more info on what Lori is talking about re: Wikipedia, see this story from NPR, just posted today. Wikipedia Scanner is a brilliant idea, and kudos to the grad student, Virgil Griffith, who devised it.

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