Art in the American Outback: News Roundup

Jeremy Harper's One to a Million Shot
He's going to count to a million live on his website ( -- as far as anyone can tell, this has never been done before.
(Thanks to Kyle Whitmire of Birmingham (Ala.) Weekly)

Drink It Raw
Why is unpasteurized milk the only illegal food in North Carolina?
(Thanks to Suzanne Nelson of Independent Weekly (N.C.))

Ordinary People
Transgender folks are a lot of things -- including normal.
(Thanks to Bob Geary of Independent Weekly (N.C.))

Would Jesus Go to War?
How one Fort Gordon soldier's Christian faith overwhelmed his conscience and led him away from the military life.
(Thanks to Michael Thames of the Metro Spirit in Augusta, Ga.)

The Black Diamond
Theron Denson, of Kalamazoo, Mich., is the world's only African-American Neil Diamond impersonator.
(Thanks to Edward McClelland of the Chicago Reader)

Art: Pencils, Tornadoes and Patrons
The Carnegie Visual and Performing Arts Center, in Cincinnati, celebrates sculpture all over the place.
(Thanks to Tamera Lenz Muente of Cincinnati CityBeat)

Behind the Columbus Music Co-op
After Hurricane Katrina, Erin Moore and Jess Faller had a thought: What would happen to musicians in Columbus if disaster struck here?
(Thanks to Chard Painter of The Other Paper in Columbus, Ohio)

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